Police Records

The Rockwall Police Department's Drone Program embodies a forward-thinking initiative aimed at enhancing law enforcement capabilities and fostering public safety within the community. Through the utilization of cutting-edge drone technology, the department effectively addresses a variety of law enforcement challenges while placing emphasis on transparency, accountability, and community engagement.

Currently, the Rockwall Police Department's drone program comprises eight police officers who have obtained certification as drone pilots from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The department's drone fleet consists of three distinct models, each equipped with unique capabilities and technologies.  The drones are utilized to assist in locating missing persons, search and rescue operations, the mapping of damage after natural disasters, event planning, the enhancement of officer safety and many other roles. 

The Rockwall Police Department's Drone Program is at the forefront of leveraging innovative technology to bolster law enforcement operations and promote public safety by supporting the daily operations of the Department. Through strategic deployment and utilization of drones, the department continues to demonstrate its commitment to serving and protecting the community.