The Rockwall Police Department Communications Center employs the true “First Responders” of the organization. Communications Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer all 9-1-1 emergency calls and non-emergency calls for public safety assistance. The Communications Center serves the City of Rockwall, the City of Fate and the City of Heath.


The Communications Division is comprised of 3 Communications Supervisors and 12 Communications Specialists. Each employee receives extensive training through NCT-9-1-1 and during the Communications Training Officer program here at the Rockwall Police Department.

For questions or concerns regarding the Communications Division:

Kristina Williams

Communications Manager

Phone: (972) 772-6799.


Andrea Cabrera

Communications Supervisor

Phone: (972) 772-6798.


Erick Morris

Communications Supervisor

Phone: (972) 772-6793.


Alysia Villarreal

Communications Supervisor

Phone: (972) 772-6771.



The Communications Center is responsible for activating the Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens as directed by the City of Rockwall Emergency Management Coordinator. Weather events commonly create a high call volume for the Communications Center. Please do not call during a siren activation unless you are in need of public safety assistance. If you are outdoors when the sirens are activated, find shelter and monitor a television or radio program that provides weather related information. The Rockwall County Emergency Management Coordinator also provides updates through NIXLE alerts. The Outdoor Warning Sirens are tested bi-weekly on Wednesday.

The Communications Center is equipped with the Phase II E911 system and has Text to 911 capabilities. The system is capable of displaying a telephone number and a general location of a wireless caller as well as the address/phone number of a landline call to 911. Answering 911 calls is challenging due to advances in technology and the increase in calls that originate from wireless callers. The Communication Center is also equipped to handle emergency and non-emergency calls from the hearing impaired.


Reminder: Cell phones that are not connected to a service provider are capable of calling 911. Please be sure you lock your cell phone to avoid unintended emergency calls.